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Intramural Sports Flag Football Championships Held at Close-King Indoor Practice Facility

Students Playing Flag Football at Close-King Indoor Practice Facility

By: Cameron Addertion’ 20, communications

The intramural flag football champ night was held Monday, December 2, 2019. but unlike years past, which is typically held on Miller Fields,  this year’s champ night was held off-campus at NC State’s Close-King indoor practice facility, home of the Wolfpack football team. Students were welcomed to support their friends and watch the games. 

The night began at 5:30 p.m. with the women’s and sorority championship game. The match drew a crowd of their friends and greek life sisters. Chi Omega fell to Big Bodies in the championship game 47-6, but they had great support from their sisters.

Chi Omega members playing flag football.

Chi Omega had a crowd of sisters, having support at every game and their champ night. “I came out to support my sisters on the field every game, and I wouldn’t miss this one,” said Emma Glover ‘22 a textile technology major. 

At 6:45 p.m. the fraternity championship game began. Alpha Sig Phi faced off with Phi Delta Theta. To build up the anticipation, the teams arrived early and used the extra space to warm up for their anticipated game. With 20 catches, seven pulled flag belts and one sack, Phi Delta Theta was able to gain victory against Alpha Sig Phi 47-6.

At 8:00 p.m. the co-rec semi-finalist took the field. Good for the Brand played great defense and didn’t let “The Buttfumblers” score with the final score of 36-0. Despite the score, it was a tough game with 15 catches,11 flag pulls and one sack from “Good for the Brand” and 16 catches, 17 flag pulls and two sacks from “The Buttfumblers.” 

The final game, the men’s championship, kicked-off at 9:30 p.m. “Good for the Brand” played again but could not pull another win against “Spider 2 Y Banana. Spider 2 Y Banana” was able to win 40-17, with 14 catches, 16 pulled flags, and five sacks.

In between games, there were three special events during the night. A 40-yard dash down the practice field, a passing and a field goal challenge. These events were created to engage the audience in the activities during the night, and open to anyone at the facility. Spectators, players participated.

Wellness and Recreation’s sports programs have been trying to schedule the flag football championship night at Close-King in the past. Working with NC State Athletics, sports program coordinators were finally able to achieve this goal. They needed a date that was in the last week of classes but also worked with the football team’s schedule.

“Flag football is one of the largest intramural sports that we run, and football is one of the largest varsity sports at NC State,” said Ben Strunk, assistant director, sports programs. “From facilities and student perspective, the feedback of having the champ night at Close-King was great.”

Because of the success of the event, Wellness and Recreation is hoping to continue holding the flag football championship at Close-King practice facility in the future. This may include expanding to other sports by using Reynolds Colosseum for the intramural basketball champ nights as well.