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Inter-Residence Council Hosts NRHH Awards Ceremony

On April 24, 2016 NC State’s Inter-Residence Council (IRC) hosted its annual end of year banquet and recognized the recipients of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) awards. In addition to the NRHH awards which were issued for six different categories, the IRC recognized leadership excellence for individuals from across campus, as well as the accomplishments of outgoing on-campus presidents.

Student of the Year – Jacob Michel

Jacob is a model of an exemplary student leader. He has played a key role in University Housing assignments and administration data analysis, finding trends in processes and procedures. Often the work of those who are “seen” is more highly rewarded than those behind the scenes. Jacob’s initiative has helped to energize and invigorate campus living in new and exciting ways.

Hall/Area of the Year – Avent Ferry Complex

From striving to improve the community to improving the facilities around their area, the Avent Ferry Complex has made a large impact on NC State’s campus.  The Resident Advisors and Hall Council work together alongside the residents of the building to plan programs that are relevant for their community. Each resident feels valued and respected by the community.  A building with a “sense of humor” is a great way to describe this area. The staff and residents have created an incredible bond that feels like home away from home.

Living & Learning Village of the Year – Impact Leadership Village

Through strong partnerships and networks, this village has had the opportunity to soar to the highest heights. They often partner with on-campus resources and speakers to bring their residents the best presentations possible. The Impact Leadership Village has been a great aid to the community by hosting volunteer and community service opportunities. In addition, this village has a true family feel that makes it unique and brings residents back each year.

Advisor of the Year – Amy Sawyers

Amy Sawyers is a strong partner and advisor within University Housing. She orchestrates all of the events that residents of the Arts Village attend throughout the semester. She has worked diligently to develop over 100 different programs in many areas. Amy makes an effort to ensure mentors are accountable for turning in attendance, staffing Arts events, and developing programs. Amy exhibits strength as an advisor by consistently working to ensure the residents’ voices are heard. She not only oversees a Village but has also taken on additional roles as an informal Village Director, guide, mentor, and friend to the community.

Spotlight of the Year – Alli Colley (Wood Hall)

When thinking about Alli Colley, optimism and positivity are two words that instantly come to mind. She has worked hard to build relationships among staff members and to create a community within Wood Hall.

Program of the Year – Slam Poetry (Welsh Hall)

Slam Poetry is a one-of-a-kind event. It was both educational and fun for the residents in attendance. The purpose of the program was to dissolve stereotypes revolving around a specific type of arts performance. With light music and a coffee shop ambiance, the program was intense and powerful for the residents in attendance. Slam Poetry successfully demonstrated the different ways people can interact with each other through spoken work.