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How On-Campus Students Can Prepare for Winter Break

Go through University Housing’s winter break checklist to prepare your on-campus space for the break.

University Housing, along with many other campus services, will be altering hours and operations during the upcoming winter break. Non-graduating students (undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D.) not requesting winter break housing are expected to leave University Housing within 24 hours after their last exam and no later than 10 a.m. on Dec. 15. Graduating students and those approved to assist with graduation exercises must plan to check out of University Housing by 10 a.m. on Dec. 18. 

Requesting Winter Break Housing

University Housing provides students with the option to remain in campus housing between the end of the fall semester and the start of the spring semester. Residents who need to remain on campus for any length of time between Dec. 18, 2022 and Jan. 5, 2023 must request Winter Break Housing by Dec. 5 at 5 p.m. This includes residents who are currently in residence halls, Wolf Village, Wolf Ridge and ES King Buildings D, F and G. Residents in other buildings at ES King Village or residents of Western Manor Apartments are not required to request break housing and are exempt from additional charges for remaining during the break, unless they will not be remaining in their same location for the spring semester. Learn more here

For residents returning for the spring semester

If you will return to your same housing assignment for the spring semester and will not be requesting Winter Break Housing, we ask that you do the following before leaving for the semester break. Students returning to their same residence hall space for the spring do not need to turn in their keys:

  1. Unplug all personal electronic devices and personal appliances.
  2. Please remember that electric transportation devices (scooters, skateboards, etc.) cannot be stored in your room.
  3. Remove all perishable food and clean refrigerators, but leave micro-fridges plugged in.
  4. Remove all trash and recycling, placing it in appropriate receptacles outside the building. No trash should be left in rooms or suite bathrooms.
  5. Take all valuables and personal items you may need over break. Residents who were not pre-approved for break housing will not have access to their buildings during the break.
  6. Remove any laundry you may have left in the building laundry room. 
  7. Remember to take your fish with you.
  8. Return any temporary fobs or temporary room/suite keys and any checked out equipment to your community’s service desk.
  9. Pick up all packages and mail from your community service desk. 
  10. Make sure there is no water running (sinks, shower, etc.).
  11. Shut and lock all windows and doors; lower and close blinds.
  12. Turn off all room/suite/apartment lights. Lock your room and suite/apartment doors.

For residents checking out of their room

If you are not returning to your current housing assignment in the spring semester, we ask that you follow this check-out procedure: 

  1. Pick up all mail and packages from your community’s service desk before leaving campus.
  2. Return all temporary keys/fobs or loaned equipment to your community’s service desk.
  3. Clean your room and common areas, including wiping down appliances, drawers, shelves, closets and cabinets.
  4. Remove all personal belongings from your room and common areas before checking out. Be sure to check laundry rooms and lounges for any missing items. University Housing is not responsible for items left behind after you check out.
  5. Discard all trash in the exterior dumpsters and recycle bins. Note that in high-rise buildings, the trash chutes may be closed during peak move-out periods. Plan to discard trash in containers located outside your building. Leaving trash in your room may result in an improper check-out fee being charged to your student account.
  6. Leave the empty trash and recycling bins, furniture and other university property in the room.
  7. Report any maintenance concerns or damages using the online work order system.
  8. Close and lock all windows; clean out your microfridge (but do not unplug it); set room thermostats to 70 degrees (set to “Heat”) or to the mid-setting with the fan on low speed.
  9. Turn off all lights and close and lock all doors.
  10. To avoid lock recore charges, you must return all key(s) to your area service desk before departure.
  11. To avoid being charged an improper check-out fee, you must check out in person at your area service desk or by completing an express check-out after hours, returning your key(s) to the dedicated drop box located at your community’s service desk.

Visit the Transportation move-out page for temporary move-out loading permit information. Additional move-out information can be found on the University Housing website.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful winter break!