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Inclusion and Well-Being

Get to Know Student Leadership and Engagement

Student Leadership and Engagement recently formed to better serve students on campus. As we begin a new academic year, learn about some of the ways students can get involved.

Four Student Government leaders walk side by side through a hallway in Talley Student Union
Student Government officers walk through a hallway in Talley Student Union

By Caleb White, DASA Marketing Intern

Student Leadership and Engagement connects students to meaningful experiences at NC State, including leadership development, campus involvement and civic and community engagement opportunities. We had a chance to speak with Colin Beamer, program coordinator of Student Leadership and Engagement, to learn more about how the organization helps the Pack prosper:

Tell us about Student Leadership and Engagement and its role at NC State?

Student Leadership and Engagement is a department designed to connect students to meaningful involvement and leadership development at NC State. According to our mission statement: In Student Leadership and Engagement, we facilitate purposeful involvement and leadership development that supports and enhances students’ academic experience. We engage students in meaningful and memorable involvement experiences that create a sense of well-being, and we equip them with the knowledge, tools, skills and experiences to practice socially-responsible leadership and contribute to a global society.

How does Student Leadership and Engagement help students reach their goals? What can students hope to gain?

Our team of professional staff is here full time to assist students with their needs. We help students reach their goals by connecting them with involvement experiences, providing professional support in student organization management, and through coaching, advising and mentorship. Students can hope to gain access to formal and informal involvement experiences during their time at NC State. They can also gain access to leadership development, service and civic and community engagement initiatives through our office.

Students preparing to clean up a greenway in Raleigh as part of a Mystery Service Saturday trip
Students preparing to clean up a greenway in Raleigh as part of a Mystery Service Saturday trip

What are some upcoming in-person events for Student Leadership and Engagement that students should keep on their radars? What safety measures are being taken?

Our office promotes and supports lots of activities throughout the year. This month (September), you can check out events held by the University Activities Board such as Friday Films, enroll in one-time leadership workshops through the Leadership Development Program, or check out CliftonStrengths workshops to understand your assessment. You can also look forward to some exciting local service opportunities with Mystery Service Saturday or by volunteering at the Feed the Pack Food Pantry. All of our programs follow university guidelines for safety, including all required mask and capacity mandates.

What is the best way for students to get involved?

Students can get involved in so many ways, there isn’t just one good one. One of the most common ways of getting involved is joining a student organization. NC State has over 650 student organizations registered. However, this isn’t the only way of getting involved. Students can participate in research, find employment, participate in events and activities, and much more. All forms of engagement are valuable parts of the involvement journey.

Students get moving on Stafford Commons as part of last year's PanAfrican Week Trap Fit event
Students get moving on Stafford Commons as part of last year’s PanAfrican Week Trap Fit event

Earlier this year, Leadership and Civic Engagement and Student Involvement combined to become Student Leadership and Engagement. What was the reason for this new partnership and what are the goals of Student Leadership and Engagement moving forward?

The two previous departments, Student Involvement and Leadership and Civic Engagement, unified with the common goal of better serving our students. With so much overlapping work and common purpose, the two offices have unified into one cohesive team that aims to capture the spirit of engagement on campus and be a centralized resource for all students, making involvement on campus more accessible.

What is something that students may not realize about Student Leadership and Engagement?

Our team directly or indirectly serves every student on campus. Our office advises and supports management of student organizations, creates programs for service and leadership, and collaborates with campus partners for exciting and engaging events and activities. Even if a student never steps foot into our spaces, they will have been impacted by our work at some point during their journey at NC State.