Environmental Sciences students honored

The Division of Academic & Student Affairs is pleased to recognize the recent accomplishments of Environmental Sciences students Lauren Frey and Daniel Marulanda.

Lauren_Frey-300x199Lauren Frey, a Park Scholar, is a student recipient of the 2015 Equity for Women Award. Lauren has developed a course about feminism titled “The F Word”, which will be taught on campus during the spring semester. In developing this course, she researched family planning in Guatemala to better understand the stigmas experienced by other cultures in relation to women’s reproductive rights. Lauren has also led service projects to educate young girls about how to respect themselves and accept their bodies, and has given presentations on the power of words and gender equality. Her nominator writes, “Lauren is no ordinary student; she is on a mission. She is determined to empower women, to educate the broader public about issues related to gender and equality, and to change our behaviors and how we view the impact that we can have on oppressed groups. She is dedicated to women’s equity, not just because of the difference she can make in her own life, but the difference she can make in the lives of others and the future she can create for our youth.”

MarulandaDaniel Marulanda has been named to the Caldwell Fellows Class of 2018. Daniel was selected as a Caldwell Fellow on the basis of character, leadership potential, scholarship, and dedication to service. The Caldwell program seeks to maximize the college experience by providing intensive programming and leadership training, and by fostering collaborative interaction with alumni, faculty and community partners. Daniel is grateful and excited for this opportunity to further develop his leadership skills and ultimately, to make a positive and lasting impact within the community. He says, “I am jubilant of my acceptance into the Caldwell Fellows program. I hope to work with my Fellows to improve our community and to learn the skills that will help me become a successful servant leader.”

Many congratulations to both Lauren and Daniel for their outstanding achievements!