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Donor Support Impacts Student Health Services

During their time at NC State, our students will make many important decisions.  In a university that is shaping students to be the leaders of tomorrow, weighty decisions are to be expected. Deciding between paying for the most basic necessities, such as food, or financing necessary medical care, should never be one of them. With the generous support of key contributors, that’s one decision they won’t have to make.

The NC State University Woman’s Club recently donated $5,000.00 to establish the new Student Emergency Fund for Medical Needs. The emergency fund will provide grants to students in need of assistance to pay for unexpected medical expenses. The fund will enable students to finance medical services that are not fully covered by health insurance. Students with a demonstrated financial need will be awarded grants which can then be used to pay for medical care. This will decrease, or even eliminate, non-compliance with treatment due to lack of financial resources.

The dedicated staff members of Student Health Services will also benefit from the impact of donor support. The Wake County Pharmaceutical Association has contributed $400.00 to the Student Health Center, which will be used to fund staff engagement opportunities and appreciation events. This generous donation will help support those who work to provide such a high standard of care for our students.

At NC State, financial gifts of all sizes are making a big difference in the lives of students, faculty, and staff.