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Division of Academic and Student Affairs Announces 2020 Awards for Excellence

During its virtual End-of-Year Celebration and Awards Ceremony on May 13, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs recognized exemplary employees in several categories, including Awards for Excellence, the Outstanding Teaching Award, Outstanding Advising Awards, and Wolf Walks Awards. The division also recognized faculty and staff who have volunteered for the Feed the Pack Food Pantry, Wolfpack Response Line, and Pack Essentials program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Awards for Excellence

The NC State University Awards for Excellence is the most prestigious honor awarded to non-faculty staff members in recognition of meritorious accomplishments, beyond one’s normal job responsibilities. Twelve staff members were nominated this year, and five were selected as award recipients:

  • Andrea Atkin, Academic Advising Program and Services 
  • Annie Carlson Welch, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • William Craig, Wellness and Recreation 
  • Robin Kohli, Counseling Services
  • Ellen Meder, Student Media
  • Jazmin Perez, Student Health Services
  • ReGina Royster, University Housing
  • Alexis Steptoe, Wellness and Recreation
  • Crystal Szvetitz, DASA Finance
  • Meghan Teten, University Housing
  • Scott Wallace, DASA Facilities
  • Sarah Wright, TRIO Programs

* Award recipients are noted in bold.

Outstanding Teaching Award

Outstanding Advising Awards

  • Michelle Garoutte, Academic Advisor in the Inter College Transfer Program, Academic Advising Programs and Services, was the recipient of the Barbara Solomon Award, which recognizes an outstanding academic advisor in a primary role.
  • Tony Shurer, academic coordinator for International Student Support, Academic Advising Programs and Services, and the Office of International Services, was given the New Advisor Award. 

RED Diversity Awards

Wesley Wade of the Career Development Center was awarded the Chancellor’s Creating Community Award for Outstanding Staff. The following faculty and staff from the division were also nominated for the award:

  • Francine Ott, dance program
  • Wyona Goodwin, Disability Resources Office
  • Heather King, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Hilary Leggete, Gregg Museum
  • Meghan Luzader, University Housing
  • Sarah Wright, TRIO Programs

Wolf Walks Challenge Winners

Top five teams and weekly averages:

  1. On the Hunt: 118,519 steps
  2. Kicking ASPSA II: Electric Bugaloo: 118,328 steps
  3. Move-in and Groovin’: 90,455 steps
  4. I Got the Runs: 81,185 steps
  5. Fast and Furious Pack: 76,424 steps

Top three individuals and total steps:

  1. Brian Peters (Exploratory Steppers): 1,438,141 steps
  2. Leslie Watts (On the Hunt): 1,183,991 steps
  3. Grace Hayes-Ramos (Bunny Hoppers): 1,167,903 steps

Special Thank You to Division Volunteers in Response to COVID-19

Wolfpack Response Line Call Agents

  • Barry Olsen
  • Beth Buck
  • Bret Smith
  • Carrie McLean
  • Carrie Zelna
  • Chester Miller
  • Connor Brady 
  • Holly Durham
  • Ileana Garcia
  • Jessica White
  • Jordan Cao
  • Jordan Luzader
  • Josh Privette
  • Justin Hammond
  • Justine Hollingshead
  • Katie Graham
  • Katie Walston
  • Li Marcus
  • Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote
  • Megan Albidrez
  • Melissa Green
  • Michael Coombes
  • Michele Kurtz
  • Mike Giancola
  • Nicole Peterson
  • Nikki Glenos
  • Patrick Neal
  • Rich Holly
  • Sean Cassidy
  • Vickie Youngblood
  • Whitney Ford

Pack Essentials Application Reviewers

  • Lauren Ball
  • Colin Beamer
  • Connor Brady
  • Marcy Bullock
  • Martha Collins
  • Michael Coombes
  • Mike Giancola
  • Melissa Green
  • Nicci Hooker
  • Kristin Koch
  • Michele Kurtz
  • Jordan Luzader
  • Brian Mathis
  • Carrie McLean
  • Ellen Meder
  • Patrick Neal
  • Josh Privette
  • John Starbuck
  • Zanna Swann
  • John Warlick
  • Vickie Youngblood

Feed the Pack Food Pantry Volunteers

  • Ann Partin
  • Courtney Simpson
  • David Jones
  • Doug Flowers
  • Erin Zanders
  • Glenda Darrell
  • Holly Hurlburt
  • Jessica White
  • John Warlick
  • Juan Cortes
  • Justin Hammond
  • Juliann Kasza
  • Kelly Laraway
  • Ken Johnson
  • Kristin Koch
  • Loi Tran
  • Mia Self
  • Michael Cherry
  • Michele Kurtz
  • Nicole Ditillo
  • Sarah Wright
  • Whitney Ford