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Day of Giving a Huge Success for Academic and Student Affairs

Day of Giving Belltower and Fireworks

[lead]When the clock struck midnight early this morning, cheers of joy could practically be heard all around campus as the results for NC State’s university-wide Day of Giving cleared.[/lead]

University-wide, $13,535,396.81 was raised through 10,810 gifts. Members of individual colleges and units, and the university as a whole celebrated the participation and generosity of students, alumni, and other generous donors.

In the Division of Academic and Student Affairs office, team members beamed to realize just how many donors – and first-time donors, had given to the division. More than 1,160 donors contributed over $250,000 to the division, breaking all single-day number of gifts giving records. In fact, the division had the most donations in the White Division, while bringing in the second-most gifts overall.

All NC State University alumni have been affiliated with the Division of Academic and Student Affairs through their vast variety of programs and services, including academic success, advising and enrichment, the arts, health and wellness, university housing, and more.

Nicole Peterson, Executive Director of Development, said, “The division is funded by student fees and minimal state support. Private support is an area in which we have the opportunity to grow — and often times this funding is flexible in supporting the greatest needs of the division. Our Day of Giving provided an excellent platform to highlight the impact of private support and the importance of building a culture of philanthropy.”

Ghazale Johnston with family and Mr. Wuf
Ghazale Johnston and family with Mr. Wuf

Giving opportunities in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs’ Day of Giving included the Challenge for the Student Emergency Fund, a $50,000 matching gift offered by NC State alumna Ghazale Johnston and her husband, Andy, if a total of 200 gifts were contributed to this fund. Thanks to the enthusiasm of alumni, parents, and friends, this number was surpassed by almost 50 gifts.

Johnston, COO of Daymaker Giving, an online giving platform that enables people to create a habit of helping children living in poverty, explained, “Andy and I share the belief that every college student should be surrounded by the support they need to master their potential. NC State is educating some of the most brilliant minds in the country and supporting students through graduation is critical to our future. The idea of a flu diagnosis running up a $100 doctor bill for a student who then has to choose between paying their bills and getting groceries seems unjust. There were parents in our state whose lives were turned upside down by Hurricane Michael because they could not contribute to their child’s rent for that month; this seemed like it could spiral into a huge problem that could have been avoidable. As we became familiar with the Student Emergency Fund and the way it was helping students deal with these types of real-life situations, we wanted to get involved.”

[pullquote cite=”Ghazale Johnston, Student Emergency Fund donor” color=”wolfpackred” align=”aligncenter”]Andy and I share the belief that every college student should be surrounded by the support they need to master their potential.[/pullquote]

Mike Mullen, Vice Chancellor and Dean for the division, reflected on the success of the DASA Day of Giving, “Building a community of supporters who acknowledge the Division of Academic and Student Affairs’ important impact on campus – that the division has an impact on every student from day one to the time they graduate – is so rewarding. We aspire to build a community of supporters and advocates who acknowledge that the division has made a positive impact not only on their life and college experience, but also on that of their friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Mike Mullen films thank you videos for donors to the division.

Johnston added, “Day of Giving makes giving to NC State accessible and personal. It is an exceptional way to engage first time donors and allow them to see how simple it is to get involved. It also allows individuals to reflect on why they give and in what way they want can make a gift that is personal to them. We hope our match to the Student Emergency Fund lights a spark for individuals who love NC State and want to be part of supporting the next generation of leaders achieve great things.”