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DASA Gets Fit with Wolf Walks

#DASAFit has launched! Our pilot employee well-being program for all faculty and staff within DASA began on a cold and wet February 10 and continues through April 4. Teams across the Division have taken the challenge to become healthier and enjoy some spiritied competition. The Wolf Walks Challenge utilizes pedometers designed to increase movement throughout the day.  This is the first of many DASAFIT initiatives that will be coming down the road to promote physical activity and overall well-being for those within DASA.  Prizes will be given to individual and team winners.

Our Week #1 Update: Clearly several folks must be training for marathons…or else most of us are just fairly new at getting plenty of steps into our regular day…or maybe both! Congrats to the Thighsman Trophy Winners on leading this week, and to Tom Roberts as the individual leader.

Keep on walkin’!