Congratulations to DASA Service Award Recipients

Each year, NC State recognizes those employees who have reached a milestone anniversary at the university. The employees will be honored at a breakfast on January 20, 2016. This year, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs had 48 recipients. Congratulations to the award recipients and we thank you for all of the hard work you put in on a daily basis to ensure a wonderful experience for our students!

Award Winners

35 Years

William Johnson

30 Years

Samuel Strickland

20 Years

Justine Hollingshead

Barbara Windom

Scott Scherer

Christine Scherer

Regina Royster

Gloria Jones

Jimmy Ledbetter

15 years

Zachary Cook

Wyona Goodwin

Thomas Martin

Louis Bastawros

Betsy Sue Kaplan

Mary Katherine Fuller

Delmous Ingram, Jr.

Arleen Justick

Nikki Hunter

Myra Brickell

Alice Perry

Martha Wicker

10 years

Maria Crockett

Laura DeFreitas

George Girgis

Abinadi Ehrisman

Delores Owens

Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote

Leslie Rand-Pickett

Penny Pleasant

Michael SanCartier

Rachel Klem

5 years

Stephany Dunstan

Rebecca Sitton

Chrystal McMichael

Shannon Plummer-White

Peter Adams

Beverly Savinsky

Tammy Johnson

Natasha O’Daniel

Kristen Feldman

Jason Rich

Melissa Barnes

Paul Tongsri

Aaron Stoller

Erin Champion

Gregory Wilson

Andrew Korhonen

Laura Parker