Category: Service and Leadership

Green Cloak Guy
October 21, 2019

Howling Success Launches with Green Cloak

We’re excited to announce a new initiative aimed at telling the extraordinary stories of our students at NC State: Howling Success. We’re asking faculty and staff to help us find students with unique stories by

Joseph Taylor in a NASA lab with plants
October 7, 2019

One Giant Leaf for Mankind

Joseph Taylor is helping NASA learn how to grow vegetables in space to feed astronauts journeying to the moon and Mars. With plans to establish a permanent base on the moon’s surface in the next decade or

Burgess stands inside the doorway of the NC State Memorial Belltower
June 28, 2019

Alumni Spotlight: Breanne Burgess

Alumna Breanne Burgess reflects on her time at NC State, the programs that benefited her the most, and the memories she carries with her to this day.