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Career Development Center Holds Co-Op Signing Day

A student takes a co-op signing photo with Ms. Wuf.
A student takes a co-op signing photo with Ms. Wuf

The NC State Career Development Center recently hosted an event that not only celebrated the achievements of its students but also marked a significant milestone in their professional journeys—the Co-op Signing Day on April 23.

Taking place on the last day of classes for the 2024 spring semester, this event was a testament to the university’s commitment to preparing its students for success in the dynamic world beyond the classroom. There was even a special appearance from Mrs. Wuf herself!

The Co-op Signing Day was more than just a ceremonial affair — it was evidence of the collaborative efforts of students, faculty and industry partners in nurturing talent and fostering real-world experiences. Through co-ops, students gain invaluable insights, hone their skills and forge connections that lay the groundwork for future career opportunities.

As a campus focused on experiential learning, NC State is always excited to recognize students who are learning and working at its employer partners. This summer, co-op students will be joining engineering firms, manufacturing companies, tech giants and power companies, among others, each eager to welcome NC State’s brightest minds into their organizations.

As students showed off their co-op offers for the summer, the Co-op Signing Day marked the beginning of a new chapter — one filled with growth, learning and the promise of meaningful contributions to their chosen fields. The Co-op Signing Day underscored NC State’s unwavering dedication to empowering its students and equipping them with the skills and experiences needed to thrive in an ever-evolving job market.

“Our inaugural Co-op Signing Day was a big success. Seeing all the students reminded us of how impactful experiential learning can be,” said Pam Floryanzia, , the associate director of the Co-op Program.