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Assessment Workshop Series Now Open for Registration

Learn about fall workshops offered by DASA Assessment

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DASA Assessment is pleased to invite DASA faculty and staff to register for fall workshops in the 2020-2021 Assessment Workshop Series. These professional development opportunities provide participants with a strong foundation in assessment methods and best practices. Click on a fall workshop below to learn more and register.

Data Management for Assessment

September 29

As you collect assessment data, it is important to think about how you will manage it! This workshop covers basic principles of data management, including best practices in handling data (naming, cleaning, manipulating, storing, documentation). Participants will gain hands-on experience working to practice cleaning data and learn tips in Excel and statistical software packages for manipulating data for improved efficiency. Register through Reporter.

Assessment 101

October 8

This session is for DASA faculty and staff who wish to know more about assessment in general. We will be providing an overview of the assessment process as well as specifically talking about outcomes and selecting measures. Register through Reporter.

Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Assessment

October 15

This session is for DASA faculty and staff who want to learn or brush up on basic quantitative analysis skills for analyzing assessment data. After attending this workshop: 

  • Participants will be able to select appropriate quantitative analyses for their assessments using basic descriptive statistics
  • Participants will be able to calculate frequencies, means, and create crosstabs using SPSS for their assessment reports
  • Participants will be able to interpret the output of basic descriptive statistics for their assessment reports
  • Participants will be able to create charts and graphs to display basic descriptive statistics using SPSS for their assessment reports

Register through Reporter.

Curriculum Mapping for Assessment

October 28

This session is for faculty and staff responsible for the assessment of a program or unit. Participants will learn the concept of curriculum mapping for assessment and utilize the session time to begin mapping the outcomes of their unit or program to the courses and activities therein. By mapping where concepts are being introduced, reinforced and mastered, program leaders are able to identify the most appropriate student learning data for each outcome. Register through Reporter.

Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Assessment: Basics of Coding

November 12

This session is for faculty and staff in DASA who are interested in learning more about coding qualitative assessment data. In this workshop we will discuss basic principles of qualitative coding methods and practice applying methods to assessment data in hands-on activity. Register through Reporter.

NEW! – Elements of Visualization Design (WithYour Design)

December 10

This workshop will introduce core design elements based on accepted best practices grounded in current visualization and design research. Resources for chart selection, color use, and typography will be presented. In addition to learning about basic design principles, this session will serve as an opportunity for participants to share their own visualization work for discussion amongst professionals and a group of their peers. Participants are encouraged to submit a visualization prior to the workshop for inclusion into the presentation. The workshop is sponsored by NC State University Libraries and will be held on December 10. Register through Reporter.

Learn More and Provide Input

Please contact Jordan Luzader ( in DASA Assessment with any questions. If you would like to provide input for topics of future workshops, please let us know with this form. For more information: