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ASC Graduate: Saniya Pangare

Former student employees for NC State’s Academic Success Center share their experiences working within the program and how it helped prepare them for success after graduation.

Saniya Pangare
Saniya Pangare

The Academic Success Center (ASC) regularly hires tutors and academic peer mentors as well as writing consultants for its undergraduate and graduate writing centers. Both positions are on-campus, paid opportunities for students who enjoy helping their peers be academically successful.

To give a better idea of what it’s like being a student worker in the ASC, we spoke with some alumni who worked there during their time at NC State.

Saniya Pangare, Zoology ‘22, started working as an undergraduate writing consultant for the program during her junior year. In that role, she worked with students on a variety of writing assignments, ranging from lab reports for introductory biology classes to graduate school application essays for seniors. During her sessions with a student, they’d set an agenda and then spend time addressing the issues specified, usually topics like essay structure and organization or clarity of writing. Students would come in at any point in the writing process, from brainstorming to final revisions, so every session was individualized to the needs of the specific student.

Here is what she had to say:

What did you enjoy most and what did you gain from your experience with the ASC?

My favorite part of my job was getting to talk to so many different people about their writing. Students came in with so many creative topics and ideas. I remember having a paper on the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and the Grinch’s character arc. On the other hand, I also had group sessions with nutrition students who were working on their senior capstone project. I gained a lot of experience in researching different topics and learned the writing and citations styles of several different disciplines.

What are you doing now, and what transferable skills from your job with the ASC have helped you in your current work?

Currently, I am a first-year student at Elon University School of Law. So many skills transferred from the ASC to law school. Working at the Writing Center improved my own writing skills, so I adjusted quickly to legal writing. Also, communication and active listening are skills that I rely heavily on when talking to clients, and these are the same skills that I was utilizing in the ASC. Personally, the most helpful skill that I learned through the ASC was effective goal-setting to improve on areas of weaknesses. Learning how to incorporate feedback and brainstorm strategies for improvement has not only been important as a law student but for growth in any capacity.

What other perks or advantages did you enjoy from your work at the ASC?

Another perk of the ASC was being able to work a job that accommodated my student schedule. Being able to work and make money while still having time for my own classes was great! Also, getting to meet and work with the other writing consultants was also a perk. It was nice to be able to connect with the other consultants and rely on them and our supervisor Wendy for support!

What advice would you give students who are considering applying to work for the ASC?

I would definitely recommend applying to the ASC! The people you’ll meet and the skills that you’ll acquire will stay with you throughout college and after. And, don’t be nervous about not feeling prepared or qualified for the position. The people at the ASC provide you with support and feedback every step of the way. It’s a rewarding experience! 

If you are a current student interested in working as a tutor, peer mentor or writing consultant within the Academic Success Center, please apply here.