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‘ASC’ a Graduate: Rylee Young

Former tutors and supplemental instructors (SIs) for NC State’s Academic Success Center share their experiences working within the program and how it helped prepare them for success after graduation.

Rylee makes a wolfie sign with her hand

The Academic Success Center (ASC) regularly hires tutors and academic peer mentors as well as writing consultants for its undergraduate and graduate writing centers. Both positions are on-campus, paid opportunities for students who enjoy helping their peers be academically successful.

To give a better idea of what it’s like being a student worker in the ASC, we spoke with some alumni who worked there during their time at NC State. Rylee Young (Genetics ’21) was primarily a supplemental instruction leader for general chemistry classes. Her responsibilities included attending class with the students, planning each SI session based on class content, and then facilitating a group tutoring session. After a few semesters of experience, she began supervising other SI students by acting as a mentor to help them fine-tune their own skillsets. 

Rylee Young in her red graduation robes making a wolfie sign by the Belltower

Here’s what Young had to say about her experience:

What did you enjoy most and what did you gain from your experience with the ASC?

“I personally loved my interactions with the students. While SI sessions are always optional, I usually had my own regulars that would come often and I loved getting to know them. The caveat, however, is because I had regulars I had to learn how to get creative with my sessions to make sure I was engaging everyone as much as possible. SI sessions kind of became a creative outlet of sorts, taking common tutoring strategies and modifying them just enough to add some ‘fun’ while also being constructive. My time while at the ASC helped me to improve upon my skills in communication, flexibility and planning.”

What are you doing now, and what transferable skills from your job with the ASC have helped you in your current work?

“I am currently earning my master’s in genetic counseling at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Genetic counseling is a profession that combines breaking down complex genetic information into more digestible material, providing psychosocial support to patients and helping patients advocate for themselves in their own healthcare journeys. The techniques I used during SI sessions have been very overwhelmingly transferable to this field. I now have practice in active listening and providing space for patients to comprehend difficult concepts, as well as utilizing different teaching models and of course, the adaptability and patience that is imperative when working with others. I have no doubt that the skills I learned from working with the ASC helped me get to where I am now.”

What other perks or advantages did you enjoy from your work at the ASC?

“One of my favorite things about the ASC was the game night that was hosted each semester. As someone who loves board games, I loved getting to meet tutors in the other programs, eat all the snacks and play games for hours. On a more professional side, during my time as a tutor I was able to go to a tutoring conference in South Carolina. It was incredibly rewarding to not only represent the ASC, but work alongside other tutors with the same passion for teaching that I have.”

If you are a current student interested in working as a tutor, peer mentor or writing consultant within the Academic Success Center, please apply here.