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‘ASC’ a Graduate: Lindsay Strickland

Former tutors and supplemental instructors (SIs) for NC State’s Academic Success Center share their experiences working within the program and how it helped prepare them for success after graduation.

Lindsay Strickland in red graduation robes and hat in front of the brick columns at the front of Holladay Hall

The Academic Success Center (ASC) regularly hires tutors and academic peer mentors as well as writing consultants for its undergraduate and graduate writing centers. Both positions are on-campus, paid opportunities for students who enjoy helping their peers be academically successful.

To give a better idea of what it’s like being a student worker in the ASC, we spoke with some alumni who worked there during their time at NC State. Lindsay Strickland (Biological Sciences ’22) started working for the ASC in summer 2019 as a weekly assigned tutor. She went on to serve as a supplemental instructor (SI) for three years and SI peer supervisor for two years leading up to her graduation. 

“As a SI leader, I held three weekly review sessions for Chemistry 101 students and helped facilitate discussion about some of the most difficult topics in the course,” Strickland said. “Additionally, as a peer supervisor, I worked with other SI leaders on their facilitation and planning techniques to help provide feedback and improvement throughout the semester. Through both of these roles, I also served as a liaison between students and professors, and SI leaders and our supervisor Sarah Stokely in the SI leader and SI peer supervisor roles, respectively.”

Here is what else Strickland had to say about her work with the ASC:

What did you enjoy most and what did you gain from your experience with the ASC?

“My favorite part of being a SI leader was getting to know so many different students at NC State. I loved being able to watch them grow and succeed over the semester and become more confident and independent learners. This role also helped immensely with personal skills like communication, organization and problem solving. This truly was one of the best roles I could have had during my undergrad experience, and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities to grow and lead in the ASC.”

What are you doing now, and what transferable skills from your job with the ASC have helped you in your current work?

“I am a current MPH student at the University of Virginia. I have also taken on a role as a content tutor with the Cavalier Academic Support Team, where I work with student-athletes on their studying and test-taking strategies and also help improve their overall understanding of the content in chemistry and biology courses. I’m able to transfer certain learning techniques that I was taught in the SI program to my own sessions at UVA. Additionally, being able to balance school, part-time work and research in undergrad has given me the appropriate time management and organizational skills to continue this in my graduate career.”

What other perks or advantages did you enjoy from your work at the ASC?

“Working at the ASC was a great way to make some money, get involved on campus, and create connections between other students as well as professors at NC State. This role gave me technical and soft skills that I have been able to discuss in interviews for internships as well as connections with professors and my supervisor, who have written me letters of recommendation for graduate school. As I mentioned before, the ASC offered many opportunities for growth whether it be additional training, resume and personal statement workshops, or even additional responsibilities like being a peer supervisor or running a staff meeting.”

If you are a current student interested in working as a tutor, peer mentor or writing consultant within the Academic Success Center, please apply here.