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Army ROTC Conducts Annual Combined Field Training Exercise

NC State Army ROTC, along with cadets from nearby universities, participated in the event, which is used to evaluate leadership and tactical knowledge in the field. 

A group of cadets in uniform pose in front of a Blackhawk helicopter in an open field

Each year, NC State Army ROTC conducts its Combined Field Training Exercise (CFTX) with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as Duke and St. Augustine Universities. This year’s event took place at Camp Butner National Guard Training Center from October 15-17. 

The event is used to evaluate juniors’ leadership and tactical knowledge as well as begin to develop these skills in first-years and sophomores. Specific training and tasks completed during this weekend were: day and night land navigation, M4 rIfle qualification, an Army obstacle course, tactical lanes (including patrol base operations, reconnaissance, attack and defense), helicopter familiarization and a Blackhawk helicopter flight. 

“Ultimately, the yearly CFTX is a great way for our Cadets to train with other schools while learning necessary skills that will prepare them for Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox after they complete their junior year of school,” said 2nd Lt. Levi Hess.

Juilana Grimm (international relations ’23), one of the NC State cadets involved, found the training very helpful. 

“In my opinion, this CFTX was the best FTX we’ve had since I’ve been at NC State,” Grimm said. “We got to do a lot of things that will really help us in the future at Cadet Summer Training. We completed the marksmanship qualification course, land navigation and conducted tactical lanes, which are all things we will be seeing again in the future. For one of our tactical lanes we got to ride in a Blackhawk helicopter which was really awesome! Also, we were able to train with the cadets from UNC, Duke, and St. Augustine, which allows us to learn new skills.”

Below are some more photos from the event, courtesy of Juliana Grimm:

Cadets in full camouflage hold M4 rifles as they walk through a field
Cadets in full camouflage hold M4 rifles as they walk through a field in front of a helicopter
Two cadets pose for a photo, one in camouflage face paint
A cadet wearing headphones and a microphone practices using a radio