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Alertus Deployment for Macs

DASA Tech will deploy Alertus to Macs (Apple MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Minis) in the division starting this week and through early August. No action is required on your part, but we are sending this message to make you aware of this new tool. Please note that some Macs already have Alertus, but we have about 200 that need this installation. Alertus does not run on iPads.

Alertus is used to relay critical emergency notifications. During an emergency situation, the screen will flash with an emergency message until the user acknowledges the message. More information can be found online.

The installation will run in the background, and should not generate any messages. In the rare instance that you do get an error message, please click through the message and close it. Our reporting tools will let us know where installation may have failed and we will work with you individually to resolve those situations.

Once Alertus is successfully installed, you will see a yellow Alertus icon in your top menu bar.

As always, send your questions to