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A Year of Howling Success

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs has recognized nine students with its new Howling Success award within the past year.

The copper wolves at Wolf Plaza near the Free Expression tunnel. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

In the past year, nine students have received one of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs’ newest, most prestigious awards. 

The Howling Success award recognizes truly exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who are involved in programs across NC State and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. During the first year of the initiative, recipients have included a mother in graduate school who overcame a battle with breast cancer, the famous “Green Cloak Guy,” and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who is going above and beyond to help fellow service men and women adjust to college life. 

Any NC State staff or faculty member can nominate a student as a Howling Success. In addition to receiving NC State “swag” and a certificate signed by the dean of the division, each honoree is given a platform to tell their story and guide future students through a series of public-facing promotional content, such as digital articles, videos and printed materials.

The following students have received the award:

Here is what some of our winners from the past year had to say about receiving the award:

Kailee Grable, wearing a red jacket, holding a certificate and making a Wolfie sign with her hand

Being a Howling Success has just been so encouraging to me. I didn’t do what I did for recognition, didn’t even know I’d been nominated until I was informed that I had been selected. It was lovely to feel seen and appreciated, especially during these hectic times.”
– Kailee Grable

Trista Acebo, holding a certificate in front of a white door

Being recognized as a Howling Success by Military and Veteran Service and DASA was a surprise to me. It felt really good to be recognized for not only my studies, but the help that I am giving to others who are navigating the transition from the military to NC State. I hope that my story will help others strive to be a Howling Success as well!”
– Trista Acebo

Being recognized by DASA as a Howling Success means that NC State is actively encouraging the growth of a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community. I’m incredibly thankful for the platform that this award has given me to highlight student organizations that center the unique experiences and values of underrepresented student groups, and I’m excited to continue this advocacy work in the future!” 

Nominate a Howling Success or learn more about the program at