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DASA Tech needs your laptop!

Why? The short term reason is that security patches for Windows XP have been discontinued. Any machine runningWindows XP (or earlier) will be vulnerable to attacks. Thus, those machines will be blocked by the campus network beginning May 13, 2014.

That means you won’t be able get a wired or wi-fi connection on campus.

Also, your home network will be vulnerable to attacks if you use a WindowsXP device through your home wired or wireless setup.

All of the wired desktops in DASA have been upgraded to Windows 7, and some of the laptops as well. However, we know that many laptops and netbooks travel with you across campus, to home and back, to conferences, and so on. We would like to get our hands on your machine to verify that itÆs running Windows 7, and if not, install the upgrade. We can provide loaners as needed.

The long term reason is that most of these floating laptops and netbook are not in our current asset management system. We need to get those devices into our system so that we can do a better job supporting them and providing you with tech budgeting information.  This will allow us to work with you to schedule more routine updates as well.

This is also a good chance for us to make sure your iPads and other tablet devices are up to date and in our system.

**If you have a department-owned laptop (or iPad or other tablet) please send a note to your Get Help Address to schedule a time for your local techie to take a look and perform some updates. Even if you believe that you do not haveWindows XP on your machine, we still would like to verify the other updates and get it into our system.**